DIONAEA – flycatcher

Dionaea muscipula

Dionaea muscipula (flycatcher). Note the catched daddy long-legs spider at left.

Dionaea belongs as sundew (Drosera) and Aldrovanda to the sundew family, Droseraceae. D. muscipula is the only species in the genus and it is resident in the states North- and South-Carolina where it grows relatively near the coast in sandy peat. It is a nutrient poor substrate, but Dionaea procures the necessary nitrogen compounds by digestion of the captured prey primarily insects and spiders. Dionaea is a perennial rosette plant producing leaf traps in the summer. In the spring and autumn smaller leaves develop with small inactive traps. These leaves serve solely as photosynthetic organs. The species has been considered carnivorous since 1760.  

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Construction of the trap

Function of the trap

Flowers and fruits

H. S. Heide-Jørgesen, november 2020.