Arctic botany

Grønlandsk blåklokke, Campanula rotundifolia, ssp. groenlandica

On the map the Northwestern Passage is mistaken placed. The Passages is north of Elsemere Island i line with the term Baffinbugten.

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Arctic plants are typically perennial low plants close to the ground with extended vegetative propagation as adaptations to the harsh climate- and weather conditions with low temperatures, strong winds and a short growing season. This is further described in the articles listed below which can be downloaded as pdf files. However so far, the articles except publication 44 are in Danish, but all plant names are in Latin, so the reader may have some pleasure in seeing the pictures. – A major part of botanical research in Greenland were performed with the Arctic Station in Disco as a base. The lower picture shows the station with homothermal springs of Østerlien looking light green in the background.

Homoterme kilder i Grønland (The article is based on publication 48: Heide-Jørgensen H S, Kristensen R M. 1999. Puilassoq, the warmest homothermal spring of Disco Island. Ber. Polarforschung 330:32-43.

Publication no. 44 describes possible changes in ecosytems in Greenland in relation to climate change.

Heide-Jørgensen H S 2019: Grønlands planteverden (this is a richly illustrated lecture held for participants in the Albatros cruise ’I Erik den Rødes fodspor’).

Heide-Jørgensen 2020: Højarktisk vegetation based on Heide-Jørgensen H S, Johnsen I. 1997. Høj-arktisk vegetation i NV-Grønland. Naturens Verden 1997(6):208-223. A species list can be downloaded separately for enlargement.

H S Heide-Jørgensen, February 2021.