Darlingtonia flowers and fruits

     In the early spring each Darlingtonia rosette produces a single up to 90 cm long flower shaft, which besides a nodding flower bears 3-4 small leaves of the color as the yellow-green 3-5 cm long sepals. The 5-merous flower has brown petals with two crescent-shaped cutouts about the middle of the two edges. Hereby five entrance holes are formed to the closed corolla for visiting insects. The ovary is bell-shaped and the pistil is pointing downwards, which prevents self-pollination, when the pollen fall out of the 15-25 anthers. Furthermore the flowers are protandrous since the anthers opens about two days before the pistil becomes receptive. During maturation the capsules are directed upwards from the hanging position and five slits open. 40-300 seeds develops per capsule. They are dispersed by wind but they can also float on water.

 H. S. Heide-Jørgensen, February 2022.

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