Nepenthes alata - hybridization

Many Nepenthes species can hybridize, and this is exploited commercially, as the hybrids are often hardier and therefore easier to grow in private homes. Nepenthes x mixta used on the previous pages is a hybrid between the natural species N. maxima and N. northiana. Nepenthes alata can be crossed with many wild species.

Nepenthes alata is found on all major Philippine islands. The species name alludes to the pitcher’s two wings, which are quite prominent on lower pitchers, but not very visible on upper pitchers (pictured). The species can both be rooted on the ground and grow as an epiphyte. The stem can be 12 m long. Lower jugs are up to 18 cm long, and the upper ones up to 23 cm with a mouth of 5 cm.

H. S. Heide-Jørgensen, Dec. 2009. Translated Jan. 2024.