History and qualifications
Since growing up in a rural area in Southern Jutland I have spent most of my life being a botanist at University of Copenhagen, although, since 1986 only in a number of time limited positions. I have published 72 botanical papers, participated as invited or enrolled speaker at a number of international botanical symposia, and been a referee for Australian Journal of Botany, Annals of Botany, European Journal og Plant Pathology, New Phytologist, and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. I have also participated in botanical field work in Baja California and in Greenland on Disko Island and in the Thule district.
I have a comprehensive knowledge in the botanical disciplines cytology, morphology, anatomy, embryology and a basic knowledge in physiology, genetics, ecology, and evolution. As specialist in plant anatomy, I have experience in the application of histochemical and cytological techniques as well as in different kinds of microscopy including scanning- and transmission electron microscopy. My main research interests have been in cuticle ontogeny and ultrastructure, xeromorphy, carniverous plants and parasitic plants.
Off duty working with photography, video and gardening including growing orchids are of main interest. I have published more than 800 photographs, most of which in the Danish popular science periodical ‘Naturens Verden’ and the book H S Heide-Jørgensen 2008: Parasitic flowering plants.


1970: Master’s degree (Cand. scient.) in botany from the University of Copenhagen. – Specialized in ecophysiological plant anatomy.

1971 – 72: National service in the Civil Defence – Spokesman for all privates in the country.

1988: Course in public relations. 1989: Basic course in video production.

1999-2000, GIS-course (geographical information systems)

1999 and 2004. Courses in desk top publishing for print and WEB.

Sept. 2005: Early retirement. Active writer and lecturer.

1999-2005: Research assistant at Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen. Primarily performed editorial work for different research groups including the interdisciplinary research group ‘Land-use History and Plant Diversity in Denmark’ (= Fortid and Flora).

1986 – 2005: Lecturing at the Open University (Folkeuniversitetet) of Copenhagen. In some years also lecturing in Roskilde and Nakskov.

1998: Senior scientist at Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen. Teaching botanical ecology to Danish and German students participating in a field course in Arctic Biology at Arctic Station, Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland.

1996 – 1997: Senior scientist at the Dept. of Plant Ecology, Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen working on a report on ecosystem vulnerability to climate change in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Fonded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

1991 – 99: Senior scientist for a number of limited periods at the Department of Plant Ecology, Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen. 1994-96: Four times in Qaanaaq, Greenland for field studies in lichen sensitivity to UV-B irradiation.

1990 – 91: Research assistant at Dept. of Biology, University of Victoria, Canada (15 months). Invited to do research in parasitic plants in the laboratory of prof. Job. Kuijt.

1986 – 90: Time limited positions at the following institutions:
Scientific lecturer, Inst. of Physiological Botany, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural High School, Copenhagen (1 semester).
Scientific lecturer, Botanical Institute, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural High School, Copenhagen (1 semester).
Research assistant, Dept. of Plant Ecology, Botanical Inst. Univ. of Copenhagen. (7 months).

1964 – 86: Different scientific positions at Inst. of Plant Anatomy and Cytology, University of Copenhagen: 1978 – 86. Associate professor (Lektor). Dismissal following budget reduction and solely based upon seniority criteria.

Australian Journal of Botany, Annals of Botany, Blumea, European Journal of Plant Phatology, New Phytologist, African Journal of Ecology, Acta Botanica Mexicana, and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

1990: NATO Science Fellowship at the University of Victoria, Canada.
1983 – 85: Member of the board at Institute of Plant Anatomy & Cytology, Univ. of Copenhagen.
1972 – 86: Member of a number of committees at the Botanical Central Institute, e.g. chairman of the Building committee and representative of the institute in the Faculty Building committee.
1965 – 70: Undergraduate at Nordic College. 1968: Chairman of the undergraduates.
1965 – 68: Member of the board of the Association of Students in Botany and organizer of a two weeks field excursion to Scotland in 1967.

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