Botanical subjets

by Henning S. Heide-Jørgensen

Introduction is a private homepage with mainly botanical subjects
ranging from notes on gardening to short articles on a few
selected lifeforms such as carnivorous plants, parasitic plants,
arctic plants, and epiphytes. The English version is a short version
of the Danish site and some links go to pages in Danish.
However, you may enjoy the illustrations and all plant names
and bird names are in Latin.

Please note, the pages look the best on a PC screen.

You can't help being interested in botany!

Most people can see the beauty in a flower, but plants contain more than form, colour, and scent of flowers and that is what these pages illustrate with the main focus on subjects where I have some expertise. It is primarily about carnivorous plants, parasitic plants, and arctic plants. You will also find other subjects in the menus above. If you visit the Danish pages there will be lots of pictures from
fell-fields in Northern Greenland to African bushlands and savannas and in the future also from North-American deserts to Mediterranean floras and the Alvar of Öland.

Parasitic plants

Carnivorous plants

Arctic botany

Book on parasitic plants

Quote from Preface by Dr. Job Kuijt:

The present book, therefore, fills a great need, and does so with style, and on a worldwide basis. It provides a harmonious account of fascinating information on a general ecological and evolutionary backdrop, and is profusely illustrated with excellent photographs. Dr. Heide-Jørgensen has done an outstanding job in providing a balanced presentation that will be a gem on anyone’s bookshelf, whether a professional or an interested naturalist. At long last, the parasitic plants of the world have received the treatment they so richly deserve.

Job Kuijt
University of Victoria, B.C.