Heide-Jørgensen H S, Johnsen I. 1997. Ecosystem vulnerability to climate change in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Working Report No. 97 Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Ministry of Environment and Energy. 266 pp.

See the second edition published 1998 for an
English Summary and Conclusions in reference 44.

Pag. 14, Fig. 2.4: Year of publication is 1987.

Pag. 27, Fig. 3.2: T should be delta-T (greek delta).

Pag. 30, Fig. 3.3: Delete shaded (Danish text: delete gråt).

Pag. 81, L. 23: growth should be growing.

Pag. 84, Fig. 3.30: Danish text. Storbaldet should be storbladet.

Pag. 126, Fig. 3.49: Delete (arrow).

Pag. 126, Fig. 3.50: Dansih text. Øverst should be venstre. Nederst should be højre.

Pag. 189, L. 17 f.b.: arestotelis should be aristotelis.

Pag. 228, Lin. 2: Tingvad should be Thingvad. Insert: Helge Thomsen.

Pag. 231, Ref. Boyle: them should be the.

Pag. 243, Insert: Lademann's Verdensatlas 1987.

Pag. 248, Insert: Prinn RG. 1994. The interactive atmosphere: Global atmospheric-biospheric chemistry. Ambio 23:50-61.

The mixture of English and Danish on the title page is DEPA's responsibility. The similar situation regarding the Acknowledgements is slipshod author work.