Types of parasitism in flowering plants

Viscum album ssp. album is a hemi- and stem parasitic mistletoe.

Rhinanthus minor, Yellow-ratle is a hemi- and root parasite.

Cuscuta europaea is a holo- and stem parasitic dodder.

Lathraea squamaria, Toothwort is a holo- and root parasite.

Colour code: Blue, autophyte, i.e. photosynthetic and all uptake of water an nutriets occur without help from other organisms.
Green: hemiparasites.
Red-brown: holoparasites.

Percentages are in relation to the total number of parasitic plants.

The Figures show examples from the Danish flora of the four categories.

See also the family overview with numbers of parasitic genera and species.

-----------------------------------------H S Heide-Jørgensen. January, 2008.